Outdoors floor covering

Outdoors floor covering

Today modular outdoors covering is a very popular for equipping recreation areas and sites on the open air.

The main advantage of modular coverings — easy installation. It helps to install the covering quickly and do it without tools, choose the necessary shape of site and set different paths.

Outdoors floors by “YgSpetsZaschita” Ltd. are made of polypropylene and rubber floors are also suitable for floors of outdoors areas.

Plastic covering for outdoors areas

Scope of application

  • Temporary camps

  • Summer terraces of cafes and restaurants

  • Resorts and recreation facilities

  • Children playgrounds

  • Summer houses and garden paths

  • Areas around water pools.

Advantages of brand new outdoors floor covering “ECOPLAST”

  • Environmentally friendly and has no odor

  • Durability

  • Drainage system

  • “Anti-heel” texture

  • Quick installation

  • Bright colors

  • Resistant to UV- radiation and low temperatures

Rubber modular coverings for outdoors areas

Rubber covering is often used for equipping all types of outdoors areas due to its weatherability and injury prevention.

The covering made of rubber granulates is well-known.

If you have no time for rubber floor underpouring and waiting for getting it ready for operation, you can use modular rubber covering that needs just handwork installation.

Scope of application

  • Tennis courts

  • Sport facilities

  • Parking

  • Yards and private lands

  • Summer houses and garden paths

  • Industrial outdoors facilities

Advantages of modular rubber floors

  • Durability

  • Can be installed on the ground without preparation

  • Resistant to high industrial loads and motion of machinery

  • High depreciation

  • Antislide surface

  • Easy installation

  • Resistant to UV-radiation and low temperatures

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