“SPETSPOL” modules has graphic texture “Cube” that makes tile modern and stylish. Moreover this texture provides high antislide qualities of the tile. The covering is advisable to use in industrial and sports facilities with high level of loading on floor. It can also be used for outdoors premises and attached terraces for protection from dirt and equipping access roads.

Scope of application:

Industrial premises

“SPETSPOL” covering is the best solution for floors in manufacture workshops, warehouses, hangars and attached territories. The covering is installed manually without the help of specialists. The tile can be installed gradually in different zones, you can move machinery and rack without stopping working process and removing all the stuff out of the room. Rubber floor is resistant to static and dynamic loads, absorbs vibrations and noises from working machinery. Moreover rubber tiles provide heat insulation and dielectric protection.


It is commonly known, that floor in the areas of heavy weights run the risk of being damaged. Rubber floor covering protects floor from destruction. It also absorbs noise from falling of bars, dumbbells and kettlebells. Antislide qualities and elasticity of covering provide comfortable and safe trainings.

Car services, parkings and garages

Rubber covering “SPETSPOL” can be installed in non-heated garages, car service stations and car repair shops, because this covering is resistant to low temperatures. Due to resistance to UV-radiation the covering can be installed in open parkings and work areas.

NB! In the areas of turns and maneuvering of cars use adhesive to stick the tile to the base!

Open terraces

With the help of rubber covering tiles it is possible to equip the terrace in a yard or near summer house, cover access roads on a private territory. The covering is resistant to all weather conditions and atmospheric precipitations. Rubber floor covering is the best solution for safety of children and sports playgrounds.

Advantages of “SPETSPOL” covering:

  • Resistance to static and dynamic loads
  • Frost and UV-radiation resistance
  • Easy installation and repair
  • Possibility to install directly on the ground
  • Economic price
  • Antislide texture
  • Noise and vibration absorption
  • Esthetic texture “Cube”

Technical characteristics:

Module size — 500*500 mm

Thickness— 11 mm

Hardness — 70-85 Sh A

Module weight — 3,5 kg