Floor coverings for shops and public premises

Floor coverings for shops and public premises

Modular floor covering “SOLD” is the best solution for commercial and utility premises.

  • The advantages of floor coverings for shops are: 

  • Choice from color range, possibility to make your own design from modules of different colors and to match colors according to corporate style of your company.

  • Resistance to intensive loads from walking and motion of trolleys and pallet jacks.

  • Noise reduction — tile absorbs noise during motion of trolleys, racks and other equipment on wheels, that is especially important when shop is situated inside the dwelling house.

  • Easy and quick installation, possibility to install the separate modules of covering that exclude taking all the shop equipment out of the premises.

  • Easy washing.

  • The covering “SOLD” is resistant to all kinds of cleaning agents. The covering is made of colored plastic compound with resistant color, therefore it prevents attritions from cleaning by brushes and floor mops.

For shopping premises:


For storage and utility premises:

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