Modular rubber floors.

Reliable. Practical. Durable.

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Main advantages of rubber floor coverings

Easy manual installation

You do not need to stop working process

Minimum preparations of floor surface

It can be installed on soil

Durability and wear-resistance

Resistance to shocks and movement of equipment.

Safety and comfort

Antislide system, noise absorption, heat insulation, high depreciation.

Modular rubber floors

- Rubber floors consist of 500*500 mm size modules
- Manual installation like a jigsaw puzzle.
- Different thickness, textures and shapes of lock.

Areas of appliance

Garages, car service stations, car washes
Industrial premises
CrossFit clubs

Rubber floor covering for stables

Modular rubber coverings are successfully used in horse-racing premises and veterinary ambulances.

Advantages of modular rubber floor coverings:

Resistant to high loads even in condition of low temperature.
Can be installed on the stamped soil, in the garages with dirt floor.
Easy installation.
Resistant to snow-tyres.
Heat insulation. Due to thickness the covering protects cars from freezing underneath.

If you have level floor in your garage you can use any kind of rubber tile, for example you can choose the floor covering “TRANSFORMER” with hidden joints. The coverings “TRANSFORMER” and “UNIDOR” are thick enough (16 mm and 20 mm) therefore you can use the covering tile without glue.

If the floor is not level, you can use the floor covering with “jigsaw” joint system – this are “UNIDOR” and “SPETSPOL” coverings.

In case of highly different relief, old damaged foundation it is recommended to use “UNIDOR” covering with thickness 20 mm.

SPETSPOL — the most economic type for garages, due to reduced thickness (11 mm), this type has bargain price and low delivery cost.

Rubber floor installation video

The installation of modular rubber floor can be made without any help.
It is advisable to glue the areas of car motion before using “SPETSPOL” tiles.

It is advisable to install rubber tiles around the edges of inspection pit in the garages.

Glue is applied with the filling knife or is poured from the container as you could see from the video.

Durability test of rubber tile video

We made tests with hard braking of a car with snow-tyres, turns of wheel, going into-out.


Maxim Chertkov head engineer-technologist
Unitary Enterprise “Stalnaya liniya” Mogilev, Belarus

We have installed rubber tile “UNIDOR” in the area of metal doors assembly and in the preparatory area of polymeric coating. We used to have in premises floors lumpy rubber, but it was not comfortable, because the edges lifted up. “UNIDOR” covering solved this problem because of injury prevention. Another advantage of “UNIDOR” – procedure of canting doors doesn’t leave any marks on the covering. It is easy now to clean the floor, wipe the abrasive material particles that fall on the floor after door grinding. “UNIDOR” provides us with durability and injury prevention and we are completely satisfied.

“YugEkomoyka” Ltd., Russia, Aksay
administrator “Yugekomoyka” Ltd. Mikhail Kim

We have been using rubber floor covering “TRANSFORMER” from “YgSpetsZaschita” Ltd. for more than 6 months. This covering has many advantages: easy installation, no preparation of surface before installation, high durability. The usability of covering is beyond expectations.
“YugEcomoyka” Ltd. expresses gratitude to the managers of “YgSpetsZaschita” Ltd. For their help in choosing qualified floor covering for our car washing station.

“Gusar” plant, Russia, Gus-Khrustalny

Our plant bought floor covering “UNIDOR” three times. The plant was founded in 2002, in 2014 new modern workshop of production of pipeline fittings was open, where we started to use rubber tile to protect concrete base. On the whole the rubber tile covers about 1000 m2 floors of industrial premises. The covering is used in the areas of production standards compliance – for the comfort of operators, cleanliness and protection from falling heavy objects. Different areas of our plant also use rubber tile: workshops of assembly, fettling and clearing. We store on the floor different objects either billets or finished output, the static load on the covering is up to 10 tons.
From time to time we disassemble modular rubber floors to make complete cleaning with using floor cleaning machines. In case of damaging one of the modules (extreme heavy loads) we change it, because we bought spare modules. On the whole we are satisfied with “UNIDOR” covering and its protection qualities, easy installation and superficies.

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