Industrial floors

Industrial floors

Workshop floors every day suffer from intense industrial loads.

In any industrial premise there are fallings of heavy objects, motions of different loads (including sharp edges of machinery).

There can also be loads of motion of pallet trucks, transporters and automobiles and lorries.

Besides physical pressure there is chemical one — petrol, engine oil, acid and alkali.

Among traditional materials for industrial floor covering — concrete, topping, ceramic tile, the most profitable new material is modular rubber and PVC covering.

The main idea of modular floors — tiles made of strong material, which can be installed on the floor like a jigsaw puzzle by everyone without special skills.

The “YgSpetsZaschita” company has the biggest modern base for producing industrial PVC (polyvinylchloride) and rubber (vulcanized synthetic rubber) floors.

The main advantages of modular industrial floor:

  • durability

  • easy installation and repair

  • wear resistance

  • antislide and anti-dust qualities

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Modular PVC floors “SOLD”

These are tiles 500*500 mm size, which are jointed together like jigsaw puzzles.

Such tiles are made by moulding from PVC (polyvinylchloride) plastic compound at 190 0С. PVC material has high physical and chemical resistance therefore it is useful and popular in daily operation.

PVC floors are durable and strong, minor extension during elongation, low heat conductivity, good dielectric qualities. Tile is non-combustible building material with fire rating class G1.

Chemical characteristics of “SOLD” tile are resistant to alkali, oil, acid, oxidizing agents, salt and solvent.

The following types of coverings are suitable for industrial premises:

Floors “SOLD” with hidden locking system

It is advisable to install modular covering “SOLD” with hidden lock in industrial premises with high moisture level — food, cleaning workshops. The main principle of such tile is “jigsaw puzzle” joint system that is hidden under the flat edge of the tile.

For hermetic reasons the joints are processed by silicone sealant or by liquid for cold welding.

Rubber floor for industrial premises

The company “YgSpetsZaschita” also produces rubber tile for floors in industrial premises and the economical price is an additional bonus. Rubber floors are suitable for premises with fire rating class G4. Floors are resistant to motion of machinery on wheels and to low temperatures.

Other advantages:

  1. Easy installation
  2. Wear resistance
  3. Injury prevention
  4. High depreciation qualities
  5. Antislide qualities and injury prevention

Besides that rubber floors lower pressure on the backbones of workshops workers.

The price of industrial floors are very economical.

Types of modular rubber floors

Rubber industrial floor tiles have different thickness, joint system, texture and price/m2.

If you want to get professional advice and purchase industrial floors in Rostov-on-Don and other regions contact the specialists of “YgSpetsZaschita” company.

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