Sports flooring

Sports flooring

Modular floors become widely spread on the different sports facilities in Russia and CIS countries, mostly in gyms, fitness clubs and crossfit boxes.

Modular floors provides easy installation, durability and antislide qualities.

Modular floors “SOLD”

Good qualities of the sports rubber “SOLD” provide its excellent operation in the gyms and sports premises.

Quick installation is important factor when it is need to equip the gym hall as soon as possible before the opening itself.

  • Resistance to falls of heavy objects

  • Wear resistance

  • Easy washing

  • Wide range of bright colors

  • Depreciation

  • Noise absorption

  • Heat insulation


Modular floor covering “SOLD” can be used in:

  • crossfit box
  • gym
  • rollerdrome
  • sport hall
  • indoors stadium
  • water pool


Rubber tile is successfully used in the free weight zone, in the zone for powerlifting and other premises with extreme pressure on the floor.

The thickness of rubber floor covering for gyms is 11-25 mm and it protects the base from damages, neutralizes falls of dumbbells and bars and absorbs noise.

Advantages of rubber tile “SOLD” for sports premises

Quick installation is a very important factor when it is need to equip the gym hall as soon as possible before the opening itself.

Injury prevention — rubber covering for fitness premises has antislide texture.

Wear resistance — covering is resistant to abrasion in the conditions of high passability and intense loads on the floor.

Durability — rubber covering for the gym must be resistant to falling and motion of sports equipment.

Color scheme — the floor in the gym must be bright and sometimes it is necessary to use different colors for different zones or to match the rubber covering with design of interior.

Rubber floor coverings for gyms

It is advisable to use rubber modular floors in the zones of free weight zones. The thickness of rubber tiles (16 and 20 mm) protect the base under covering and also absorb noises and bumps after fallings of bars and other sports equipment.

Types of modular rubber floor covering:



The unique composition and texture of the floor covering provide positive characteristics and comfortable operation of such floor covering in gyms. PVC floor absorbs falls, bumps, protects your backbone from shock load, lowers fatigue of many muscles. Wide range of PVC coverings allows to choose the necessary type that will be suitable for your premises. Therefore we offer different types of PVC floor coverings for tennis courts, football grounds, running tracks, gyms etc.

Advantages of rubber floor for gyms

  • Shock resistance
  • Quick installation
  • Modularity — covering can be easily transported
  • High amortization qualities
  • Injury prevention

Advantages of rubber floors

  • Resistance to falling of heavy objects
  • Amortization
  • Antislide texture and injury prevention

Types of modular rubber floor covering:

  • “UNIDOR”




Complex offer of «YgSpetsZaschita» for sport clubs

SOLD” floors + rubber tile = the best for your gym

Bright colored “SOLD” floors bring individuality to your premises, and rubber tiles are installed on floor and protect it from loads in the areas of intense sports training.

Modular floors for gyms, sport clubs and school sports facilities available for buying in Rostov-on-Don, Moscow and all cities in Russia and CIS.

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