Modular antisplash coverings

Simple. Comfortable. Durable.

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Main advantages of PVC antisplash coverings

”Antiheel” texture

The thinnest “stiletto” heels don’t get stuck in texture

Wear Resistance

Special composition PVC is developed for standing industrial loads

Polymeric rugs can stand moisture, chemicals and high passability

Easy installation. Change of damaged module.

Easy washing and usage

It can be washed by any cleaning agents, to clean the area underneath you should just roll the carpet.


Porches and doorsteps
Carriage platforms


Dionis, Resort hotel «San Marino», Anapa (Russia)

We ordered “Volna” covering on website of “YgSpetsZaschita”. The 9 m2 carpet installation took a half of an hour. We highly appreciate this covering.

Narmina, "Yuzins" Ltd, Moscow

We had an urgent installation of covering “Volna” on the metro station “Tekstilshchiki” in front of international forum. The carpet was installed very quickly, and the entrance was transformed at once. The client was pleased.

Valery, Volgodonsk (Russia), contractor LLC "Tander"

We laid antisplash covering “Volna” for the opening of the shop “Magnit”. This covering is comfortable in installation; we are going to use it in our future projects.

The company “YgSpetsZaschita” is one of the largest manufacturers of antisplash floor covering made of PVC (polyvinylchloride). They are sometimes called rubber floors, because black and grey PVC used for making antisplash coverings resembles rubber.

The production of antisplash coverings involves using modern high-quality equipment - automatic injection machines.

Antisplash carpets produced by “YgSpetsZaschita” are operated in such facilities as LLC Aeroexpress, Moscow Metro, shops and public places of Russian cities.

You can buy antisplash coverings for entrances from the manufacturer in Rostov-on-Don and Moscow, if you apply to our company “YgSpetsZaschita” or our partners.

Modular antisplash PVC covering has durability and is easy to use. The carpet can be easily constructed from modules; it is easily washed, and if you want to clean under carpet just roll it.

Antisplash PVC coverings have favorable prices and high level of wear resistance special for places with highly intensive movements.

The texture of tile helps to clean the shoes of visitors from dirt and moisture. PVC covering for entrances is safe for women, because it prevents “stiletto” heels from getting stuck. Modules are connected to each other firmly; you can roll the carpet without damaging it.

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