Storage facilities

Storage facilities


Storage facilities

Ability to stand motion of hydraulic trolley and loaders
No cracks after falling heavy objects

Protection from dust
Ability to stand static load up to 5 tons/m2

Fire safety Certificate G1

“Sold” – are modular coverings made of PVC for floors and at the price of the manufacturer. PVC tiles are mounted to each other like a jigsaw puzzle with the help of wooden mallet.

We also offer PVC panels, floor coverings SOLD with hidden lock – SOLD LOCK and SOLD MODERN.

Floor coverinpgs are successfully used in workshops, warehouses, gyms, garages, car service stations and in all premises with the high load level on the floor.

You can always find out the price of floor PVC tile from our website in the section “Price”. The main advantages of modular floor coverings “SOLD” are resistance to static or dynamic loads and heavy objects, transporting machinery.

Rubber floors are made by vulcanization of artificial rubber. They have a high level of buffer action, anti-slide effect and injury prevention. Modular rubber floors are easy in installation. They can be easily installed with hands and cut on the edge by an angle grinder. Modular rubber floors can be used outside, inside unheated workshops and garages, in gyms (in the areas of power trainings).


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