Covering “UNIDOR”

Covering tile “UNIDOR” is used for installation on the floors of workshops, sports grounds, car petrol stations, warehouses, repair shops, garages. The floor covering is the best solution for sports grounds and weightlifting halls, because rubber tiles can easily withstand the falls of iron weights and bars. It is do-it-yourself covering for quick installation of garden and park paths. Due to special composition the tiles are resistant to UV-radiation and aging after ozone and heat damage. The rubber floor tiles are made of eco-friendly materials. The installation does not need additional tools (adhesive etc.) and can be done by only one person. Due to modules construction the covering installation considers just to insert one module into another. The covering can be installed on concrete, asphalt, sand and directly on the ground. The rubber tile made according to special technology is durable and prevents cracks and water swellings.

The advantages of the tile “UNIDOR”: the temperature capacity range from -40°С to 90°С; waterproof qualities, mostly can be used without adhesive; resistant to abrasion; high depreciation qualities; noise absorption; environmentally friendly; easy installation and deinstallation.

Technical characteristics:

  • Size: 500x500x20 mm 

  • Weight: 7,5 kg

  • Hardness: 70–85 Sh A

Advantages of rubber modular floor coverings:

  • Durability

  • Possibility to install directly on the ground without preparation

  • Resistance to industrial loads and motion of heavy machinery

  • High depreciation qualities

  • Antislide surface

  • Easy installation

  • Resistance to UV-radiation and low temperatures

Outdoors rubber modular coverings

Rubber coverings are often used for outdoors terraces of all types, due to weatherability and injury prevention.

Covering made of rubber granulate is also very popular.

If you have no time for rubber floor underpouring and waiting for getting it ready for operation, you can use modular rubber covering that needs just handwork installation.

Scope of application

  • Tennis courts

  • Sport facilities

  • Parking

  • Yards and private lands

  • Summer houses and garden paths

  • Industrial outdoors facilities