Rubber floor covering installation

Modules of rubber covering are connected with each other like jigsaw puzzles.

The locks are jointed with the help of wooden mallet.

Scheme of installation

It is advisable to start installation from the center of the room.

Монтаж резиновой плитки

  1. Before installation, you should measure the room, draw in your mind the lines from the center in length and width and find the central point of the room.

  2. You put the first tile in the center.

  3. Next tiles put around the first one.

  4. In the places of adjunction of the covering to the wall, it is necessary to cut the modules with the help of big knife or jigsaw.

Installation of floor in the corridor

In case of installation in the corridor, you should start installation from the center and then go to the edges.

Монтаж резиновой плитки в коридоре

Sticking to the base

Modular floor coverings with high thickness — “TRANSFORMER”, “UNIDOR” and “TEKHNOPOL” often need sticking due to high thickness and high durability. Sticking is advisable in the areas with high load, f.e. going into/out of heavy cargo machinery.

In installation of modular floor covering “SPETSPOL”, it is advisable to use adhesive in the garages or other premises that suffer the motion of wheeled vehicles.

In order to get the best effect of adhesive it is necessary to process the back part of the module with abrasive paper and degrease with solvent.

The “YgSpetsZaschita” company many times has successfully tested two-component polyurethane adhesive «Forbo Euromix PU 144.

Adhesive consists of two components — polyurethane and hardener, that are combined before using.

Adhesive consumption: 1 can - for 10-20 m2 (depends on applying)

Adhesive and hardener must be thoroughly stirred until you get perfect colored mixture, pay attention to the stirring on the edges and on the bottom.

It is important! You must use ready-made adhesive within 30 - 40 minutes, with temperature +20°C.

It is advisable to install floor covering on the adhesive no later than after 60 minutes from the time of stirring.

Therefore, if the room is small and you plan to use small quantity of adhesive, make the mixture for 30-40 minutes of work.

How to prepare adhesive Forbo?

If you want two-component polyurethane adhesive to have all claimed qualities, you must mix it with solvent in proportion given by the manufacturer.

Mixing ratio:
8 weight parts of resin by 1 weight part of hardener. To dose covering correctly you must measure it.
- Weight of resin in one bucket — 7 kg
- Weight of hardener— 0,875 kg
If you decide to use a half of adhesive, measurements must be like that:
resin: 7kg/2=3,5 kg 
hardener: 0,875/2=0,4375 kg =438 g

In case you prepare the whole bucket of adhesive

If you leave ready-made adhesive in the bucket, the temperature of it will increase because of the chemical reaction and the adhesive will stiffen faster. In order to prevent it you must pour the adhesive on the floor surface in the shape of puddles and stripes and then you must spread it with the help of trowel.

It is advisable to use notched trowel А1/A2 for the PVC coverings and rubber floors.