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Modular antislide coverings for swimming pools and aquaparks

Main advantages of antislide PVC floor coverings

Antislide texture
Exclude an injury prevention problem on the slippery floor

Stylish exterior
Decoration for any swimming pool or aquapark

Durability and chemical resistance
Resistance to all types of disinfectants

Easy installation of paths with different shape

Advantages of modular PVC floor coverings:

Easy installation
Easy to construct the necessary shape of carpet, the modules are joint together by “tongue and groove” system of joining.
Replacing the damaged module (Only damaged module can be replaced instead of the whole carpet)
Easy to wash and to use

Technical characteristics

- Module size — 300*100 mm
- Module thickness — 14 mm
- Material — PVC (polyvinylchloride)

Antislide covering “VOLNA” in the coastal area

Comments of clients

Olga Nikolaevna, the director of swimming pool “Briz”, (Rostov-on-Don)

“Very convenient covering, it is possible to install different carpets, easy to deinstall and desinfect. Many children attend our classes and now they are in a complete safety”

Irina, Yalta, Crimea

“We install covering on the territory within two days and now get positive responses from tenants. Now the access to the sea is safe for us and our children ”

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