Technical characteristics


“YgSpetsZaschita” Ltd. presents you PVC covering for floors! It is the best covering for different places - sport facilities, playgrounds, utility rooms, commercial and living premises. The apparent advantage is that one person can install PVC covering without special skills and any additional tools. PVC modules are constructed into solid floor by insertion one into another.

The bases for such covering can be concrete, asphalt or other flat ground. The unique technology of producing gives the PVC covering such irreplaceable qualities as durability, strength, firmness, water resistance and so on.Due to the special structure of the PVC floor it can resist UV-radiation, ozone and thermal aging. Moreover the PVC covering is made with using eco-friendly materials. Such type of covering as PVC tiles is used in many different spheres either inside a building or outside. PVC covering tile is universal. It is durable, frost resistant and wear resistant covering with high level of load.

The main requirements for PVC tile installation:

  • The surface must be solid and flat. If you have sloping surface – use adhesive.

  • Cracks and hollows must be grouted before installation.

  • One should start installation from the center of the room.

  • If it’s needed one can cut PVC modules with the help of electric jigsaw.


Technical characteristics:

  • Type of lock: dovetail joint and T-shaped lock

  • Module size: 500х500 mm

  • Module height— 5mm and 7mm

  • Material: polyvinylchloride

  • Material density: 1.3 — 1.4 g/sm3

  • Weight 1m2.: 6 — 8 kg

  • Stiffness: 92-94 Sh. A.

  • Abrasive resistance: 80 µm.

  • Total elongation to fracture: 210%