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PVC floor coverings

Today market offers a wide variety of many different floor coverings for either living quarters or industrial premises. Floor covering nowadays is considered to be a hallmark of your own house or other premises. The most well-known types of floor coverings are: solid wood, block parquet, parquet board, laminate, cork carpet, porcelain tile, self-levelling floor, linoleum, modular PVC flooring etc. All these types of flooring have their advantages and disadvantages. So, parquet floor is the most popular one because of following qualities: it is easy in usage, eco-friendly, durable, it is a good conductor of heat, and moreover it makes the room look valuable. The floor coverings such as parquet and solid wood are available for many customers. If you need to save money and to have cozy, presentable and elegant floor covering at the same time, choose laminate flooring. It is presented in a various range. Laminate can imitate the texture of expensive floor coverings. But it is not soundproof and waterproof and does not conduct heat.

Let us focus on modular PVC floor coverings. They are made of using plastic material and the main its component is polyvinylchloride. This material is thermoplastic and it has linear structure of macromolecules. Modular PVC floor coverings are high-strength, don’t rot, hygienic, have low level of heat-conducting, that allow to use them in all types of premises such as offices, workshops, warehouses, medical institutions, airoports and living quarters.

Floor covering qualities:

PVC coverings

PVC floor coverings are used in food and industrial premises, in gyms. One can see PVC tiles on the floors of confectioneries and garment factories, agro-industrial premises, playgrounds, cafes, restaurants and canteens. Modular PVC floors are laid in offices, service stations, garages, laundries, shower rooms and near swimming pools, and they are also used for streets improvement, arrival zones and parking places.

The base for laying PVC floor covering can be any flat surface such as asphalt, cement, tile, wood etc. Moreover the installation of PVC modules is rather quick and easy – the tiles connect with each other. Some types of PVC modules are equipped with special kinds of clutches – dovetail fixing, T-shaped lock, hidden lock etc.

PVC coverings are known for their durability, safety and strength. It is easy to take care for, it keeps warmth, and it is soundproof and prevents electrifying.

The company “YgSpetsZaschita” provides a wide range of PVC floor coverings at an adequate price to satisfy every client in Moscow and other Russian cities.

Floor covering

The type and the price of floor covering are two key points when you choose it, but other important qualities are simplicity and estimate of installation. Therefore the price of tile is lower than price of marble, but installation of marble floor takes much more finance costs, because marble floor must have the plain surface in order to avoid crashes. Moreover it is necessary to take into account the types of premises – living, public and the style of the room.

In this case the right choice that satisfy all the mentioned above points is modular PVC floor covering. PVC tiles have reasonable price, they can be easily installed and they suit any types of premises. The color range allow to select PVC covering for floor that suit the interior of any accommodation and the modular system allow to repair floor with minimum costs – you should only change damaged module instead of the repair of the whole carpet. Let’s compare PVC floor covering with coverings made of other materials.

When selecting concrete floor for industrial premises one should take into account heavy loads that can lead to cracks on the floor, and these cracks need filler, that might be another color. But modular PVC covering is adapted to heavy loads, highly durable and wear resistant. In case of damaging one or some modules it can be easily changed by another one of the identical color. The company “YgSpetsZaschita” produces PVC floor modules of 8 basic colors and you can also order the color you need. Therefore it gives a possibility to select the floor covering that suits the interior of any accommodation.

Moreover, PVC modular covering has heat-insulating qualities in contrast to ceramic tile and it is also waterproof in contrast to parquet and laminate. PVC covering also has soundproof qualities that lower noise in industrial and public premises.

So, modular PVC floor covering stands out from the other types of covering due to its unique qualities, that allow using this kind of floor covering in all types of premises.

The company ‘YgSpetsZaschita” provides all services including manufacturing and maintenance of PVC floor coverings in Moscow and we guarantee the quality of our service at reasonable price.