Garage Flooring

Garage Flooring

Modular PVC or rubber floor coverings can be used for garages with heating.

Modular PVC floor covering “SOLD”

In a heated garage with level surface it is possible to install floor covering with 5 mm thickness. If surface has protrusions, height differences, it is advisable to use covering “SOLD” with thickness 7 mm. In the places of run and maneuvering of cars it is necessary to glue the covering to the covering.












The main advantages of modular PVC covering for garages:

  • Durability — covering “SOLD” is resistant to the car motion and maneuvering.
  • Shock resistance — polymeric tile doesn’t crack after falling heavy objects on it.
  • Heat insulation — PVC coverings save heat inside the premises therefore it saves resources for heating.
  • Easy installation and repair. Modular covering “SOLD” is easy installed with the help of wooden mallet. Modules can be easily replaced in case of repair.


Resistance to studded tyres

Fire protection, PVC coverings are non-combustible. It is possible to choose the color. Although the most frequent colors for garages are dark-grey and black, with the help of covering “SOLD” you can mark the zones in the garage with yellow tile etc.

Rubber floor for garages

If the garage is non-heated, modular rubber coverings “SPETSPOL”, “TRANSFORMER”, “UNIDOR” can be installed there.

The advantages of modular rubber coverings:

  • Resistance to extreme loads even at low temperatures.
  • Possibility to install on the tamped ground, if the garage has earthen floor.
  • Easy installation.
  • Resistance to studded tyres.
  • Heat insulation. Due to its thickness the covering protects the car from freezing underneath.

In the garages with level base any type of rubber floor can be used, e.g. covering “TRANSFORMER” with hidden joints. The coverings “TRANSFORMER” and “SPETSPOL” are very thick (16 and 20 mm) therefore tile can be installed without adhesive. If the floor is level it is advisable to use coverings with “jigsaw puzzle” joints — “UNIDOR” and “SPETSPOL”. In case of a very uneven surface or an old ruined floor it is recommended to use covering “UNIDOR” with thickness 20 mm.

Rubber covering “SPETSPOL”— is the cheapest solution for the garages, due to its reduced thickness the covering has good price and delivery cost. You should use adhesive to glue this type of covering to the base.

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