Modular PVC floors “SOLD”

Quick installation – durable floor

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Main advantages of modular PVC coverings

Easy installation

Tiles can be easily connected by wooden mallet

It saves your time and money

No need to clear the room and to stop working process


Suitable for dynamic loads up to 5 tons/m2

Variety of colors and textures

Creative floor for designer’s decisions

Why people choose modular coverings SOLD?

hey are used in all types of premises with high level of load on floor coverings
- Module size 500*500 mm
- Module thickness 5, 7 mm
- Material - polyvinylchloride (PVC)
- Temperature from -15 to +50 С

Types of modular floors “SOLD”

With T-shaped lock

With hidden lock

Modular PVC floors are successfully used in industrial premises and warehouses, in garages and car service stations, in sport and public facilities with high level of load.

Sport facilities

Modular floors are used in gyms, fitness clubs and crossfit boxes.
They can sustain load of exercise machines and heavy machinery. Bright color can help to create design of the gym.

Industrial premises and warehouses

PVC floors have high physical durability, minor extension when stretched, low heat conductivity, dielectric qualities. Tile is flame-resistant material which has fire risk class G1

Chemical qualities of the tile “SOLD” – resistant to chemicals, oils, acids including oxidizers, salts and solvents.

Garages and car service stations

Covering “SOLD” is suitable for loads of car motion and maneuvering.
Tile will not be damaged by falling heavy objects on it. Heat insulation – PVC coverings save heat inside the premises therefore it saves resources for heating.

Shops and public premises

Advantages of floor covering “SOLD” for shops:
- Color scheme choice. From differently colored modules one can create an individual design and it is also possible to match the color according to the company style.
- Noise absorption — tile doesn’t produce any noise during transporting trolleys, vertical storages and other equipment on wheels, and it is especially important for the shops located in the dwelling houses.


100% primary raw material

“YgSpetsZaschita” uses 100% primary raw material in production of PVC.

For the production of floor coverings we use self-produced PVC-granulate, that includes only high quality components of Russian and foreign production.



Covering installation

The modules are connected to each other with the help of T-shaped locks.
Use rubber or wooden mallet for the connection of modules.
It is necessary to cut modules by a large kitchen knife or electric fret saw in the joints with the walls.
In the places with high levels of humidity and motion of equipment on wheels it is advisable to glue a tile to the base.


Andrey Stepanov, the commandant of "M-video" in Astrakhan
M-video, Astrakhan

In the past we had concrete floor in our warehouse, but it began to crumble, it became dusty and we decided to choose new floor covering. At first we wanted metal covering but then refused because of sound qualities. In the internet we found the covering “SOLD”. 100 m2 were installed for several hours. We appreciate the soundproof qualities of the floor covering; hydraulic trolleys are moved almost without noise. We like the covering and are ready for further partnership with your company!

Car showroom “Avtoray”, Tula)
Kireev Gennady Nikolaevich, CEO

We have floor covering “SOLD” installed in paint and body shops of our car service center.
We were looking for floor covering that is cheap in installation and we installed it ourselves. Moreover the covering looks very well, we made from it paths for zoning the premises. Before installation we tested it – tile doesn’t break and crack after falling heavy objects on it. In contrast to porcelain tile PVC tile is also a heater of the premises. Floor covering can stand the motion of cars and tracks. PVC covering is easily washed.

JSC “Krasny oktyabr” (military production) (St. Petersburg)
Deputy chief engineer I. E. Yakovlev

We bought modular floor covering “SOLD GRAIN” produced by the company “YgSpetsZaschita”. The floor covering is used in two premises – test station and machine shop.
Inside the test station we move four-wheel trolleys with the maximum weight of 1,8 tons. The tile is also installed in machine shop and in the gaps between machines. The electric cars of 4 tons move on the floor. The covering “SOLD GRAIN” is easily washed, after work all dirt can be removed from it.
We are glad to use the floor covering and express gratitude to the company “YgSpetsZaschita” Ltd for qualified product.

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