Floor covering “Volna”

Designed for the places with high level of motion. It has the high level of cleaning shoes before entering.

Cellular covering for the first step is an antisplash grate made of PVC for protecting the premises from big chunks of mud. The covering has the wave—texture.

The carpet is constructed from rectangular modules that are joined together with a form—locking tongue and groove joint. The modules are connected with each other so you can roll the carpet without damaging it.

The performance characteristics of the floor covering “Volna”:

  • Durability

  • Wear resistance

  • Easy installation

  • Easy washing

  • Resistance to high and low temperatures.

The advantages of cellular PVC covering as against metal grate.

  1. Easy manual installation, no need for special equipment such as door pallets and supporting frameworks.

  2. Injury prevention – the covering has antiskid texture and increases the cohesion with the surface during rain and ice.

  3. Easy washing – you can roll the covering and clean the surface under it.

  4. Profitable use and repair – you can clean it yourself, without special cleaning companies, and in case of damage the covering it is just necessary to change the damaged module.

Technical specifications

Module size

300*100 mm

Module height

14 mm

Weight of covering

245 g

Working temperature range

from -40 to +50


PVC (polyvinylchloride)

Material thickness



40-60 Shore A