“TEKHNOPOL” is an industrial floor covering for the facilities with extreme high load on the floor.

Tile thickness — 25 mm.

The reverse side of the tile has lattice texture with 10 mm depth cambers, that makes it lighter and cheaper. The air in the cambers provides additional heat and noise isolation.

The “TEKHNOPOL” covering is made of advanced raw materials that provide its durability.

Brand new tile has different way of joining the modules if we compare with preceding analogues. The modules are jointed with each other like jigsaw puzzles with shift. Therefore one puzzle gets joining of two others that make rubber sheet durable and prevent damage of joints by wheels during machinery motion.

The surface of “TEKHNOPOL” has smooth texture (thin cells) that provides easy washing and is suitable for facilities with special health requirements.

“TEKHNOPOL” has high depreciation qualities and is advisable for installation in the premises where it is necessary to protect the floor from damages and to lower noise and vibration level.

Advantages of “TEKHNOPOL” floor covering

  • Produced from advanced raw material

  • Shock resistance

  • Resistance to industrial loads and motion of heavy machinery

  • Fastening locks are resistant to wheel slip and maneuvering

  • High depreciation qualities

  • Heat and noise isolation

  • Easy to wash

  • Easy to install

  • Minimum requirements to the base under the covering

  • Resistance to UV-radiation and low temperatures

Scope of application

  • Workshops and industrial premises

  • Garages and hangars

  • Gyms

  • Parkings

  • Temporary camps

  • Outdoors terraces

Technical data

Module size


Module thickness

25 mm


6,5 kg

Operating temperature

from -40 to + 50 0C