“Gusar” plant (Gus-Khrustalny, Russia)

Our enterprise bought a floor covering “UNIDOR” three times. The plant has been founded in 2002 and in 2014 we opened the new modern workshop to produce pipeline fittings. We immediately started to use there a rubber tile to protect the concrete base. In total the tile has covered about 1000 m2 of industrial floors.

The covering has installed in areas around machines to ensure working conditions — comfort of operators, cleanliness and protection of a floor against falling of heavy objects.

The tile is also installed in different zones of our plant such as the zones of assembling, cutting-off, cleaning. We store on the floor both workpiece and finished product and static load on a covering is up to 10 tons.

From time to time we deinstall modular rubber floors to make clear-out with the help of cleaning machine.

If the module of a covering is damaged (in case of extreme loads), we replace it with another, because we bought reserve of them.

In general we are satisfied with a covering “UNIDOR”, we appreciate its protective qualities, easy installation and design.