Modular floors on Datsyuk Arena

The ice arena was officially opened in 2016 in Yekaterinburg, the home of legendary hockey player Pavel Datsyuk. The sports complex is equipped with the latest technology. For the flooring builders were selected coatings produced by "Yugspetszashchita".

Modular PVC coating Sold Prom were laid in all areas where you can pass people on skates in the locker rooms, corridors, areas around the two ice arenas, as well as to judges and spare players.

In addition, Datsyuk arena equipped gym where athletes can improve their physical form. In the area of free weights stacked coating Specpol, which protects the substrate from dropping barbells and other sports equipment.

Thus, the use of PVC tiles Sold and modular coverings made of rubber allows you to equip any sports facility with the most demanding quality requirements.