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 акция на пвх плитку

“YgSpetsZaschita” company will produce the PVC tile on the base of our raw material.

The modern machinery for the extrusion production line has been delivered to the plant. Now PVC granules for the covering “SOLD” will be produced at the plant and we stop purchasing it from the suppliers from other cities. The production line will start working on 19 August.

Roman Isatchenko, commercial director of “YgSpetsZaschita” Ltd., says about the plans of the company:

In-house production can help us to improve the quality of PVC compound and to take into “account the client’s requests about colors and physical qualities of floor coverings “SOLD”.

The start of the extrusion production line is the important step towards the development of the company from small enterprise to the full-cycle production. In honor of that event, there will be discounts and presents for our clients. Follow the news updates!